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Hari Har Chai Concentrate

Price: $5.00

250ml - $4.80
500ml - $7.80
1 Litre - $12.30

A chai with the real taste of spices and freshness

  • Hot or cold
  • Summer or winter
  • Morning or evening
  • Alone or with a friend

Chai you own way…. Hari Har Chai Chai concentrate.   We’ve done the spicy work for you.

Naturally brewed traditional chai with the real taste of spices and freshness, simply add your favourite milk, or liquid and feel the love in every cup nurture you mind, body and spirit.

At Hari Har Chai we hands on brew our Australian grown low caffeine tea with salubrious spices, fresh ginger, dark agave and a dash of love sealed fresh the way nature intended.  

There is no reconstituted anything, no artificial sugars or flavours – it all real, vibrant ingredients.

Enjoy chai the way you like it  simply add equal parts milk or water to Hari Har Chai concentrate and heat on the coffee steamer, in a pot or in the microwave.  Put it in the refrigerator to chill for an iced chai.
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feel the love in every cup......






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