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Traditional tea ceremony method:
In a saucepan add 2/3 cup of water, a teaspoon per person of Hari Har Chai grate in a bit of fresh ginger for added zing and bring to boil.   Turn down the heat onced boiled and add 1/3 milk or soy (a good creamy organic soy milk such as Pure harvest nature’s soy or bonsoy give a lovely thick texture) and simmer until rewarmed.   Remove from heat, strain, sweeten with honey (optional) and serve with your favourite Indian sweet or a chai cookie or cake. .

If you want the taste more milky had ½ cup water and ½ cup milk. 

As chai is tea it has a tea base so it is necessary to boil with some water to ensure the flavours of the tea and spices come out, this does not happen using all milk.


Easier – In your coffee plunger or infuser pot place one teaspoon per person in pot with half cup hot water and half cup hot milk (cow or soy).  Place on lid and leave infuse for three to 5 minutes , plunge, sweeten and pour


Easiest – Either grab one of HAri HAr Chai’s great organic teabags and pour boiling water over it add your choice of milk (or not) and sweetener , then sit down and enjoy the pleasure    or

-          Place a teaspoon of Hari Har Chai in a one person infusor (environmentally friendly teabag)  add boiling water to cup and milk of your choice (or not ). Sweeten and enjoy


Instantaneous – Hari HAr Chai organic ready to drink chai – your instant chai in a flash.  Keep it chilled in the fridge for those hot summer afternoons.  Heat a cup in the microwave or steam it on your coffee machine steamer.  Or slowly (like a soup) heat it while stirring on the stove.

smell the love in every cup......
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Share your chai journeys with us at Hari HAr Chai

what weird and wonderful places have you travelled with your box of Hari har chai

check out where the ready to drink chai popped up india -

the cardamom pods, - Kumily, Kerala
fresh as a tea field, Kumily, Kerala
infusing the tea
with the cardamom plant
chai for the chai wala
says it all
the alchemy of the source of cardamom, sorting the grades
the cardamom girls, - Kumily, Kerala
the cardamom girls, - Kumily, Kerala
the cardamom girls, - Kumily, Kerala
sunset chai anyone, chai wala – Indian style, Rameswaran, Tamil Nadu
the Indian goddess of the cup, amma chai Mindi beach markets Chennai

Send us your chai travelling photos….. info @  (no space!)

taste the love in every cup......
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feel the love in every cup......
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With great prices and a great product you can not go wrong with Hari Har Chai.


As a distributor we are a great product with a unique and well known flowing, competitively priced and a market leader in chai products. A colourful advantage to any catalogue.


We stand out in the crowd on shelf.  Our brightness and unique packaging light up any shelf with a great price point to match.


With chai being the third drink in cafes around the world now, what is a café without real chai - Hari Har Chai the all real chai company offers great margins, premium product and ease.  For the best consistent chai everytime Hari Har Chai has all things chai.


National Sales Manager : Christina 0403191119 Any information contact
National Sales Manager: Christina 0403191119
Email sales @              

chai stalls

Do you love chai like we do!
There are literally thousands of markets right around Australia that are looking out for new innovative and attractive stalls. A great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who want their own market operation. And enjoy the beauty of spreading the real love around.
Email us if you're interested to christina @

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Queens of the Cup
The Age Epicure, October 7, 2008


Read whole article (PDF Document)

Off the Shelf Chai
The Age Epicure, September 16, 2008

"A brew that stands alone for its satisfying balance of clean tea flavour, sweetness and spice. The tea tannin is not overpowering and the hints of clove, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger bring warmth, while licorice root makes it naturally sweet."


May 26th 2008

I discovered your ready to drink chai product at Woolworths in Tweed Heads yesterday and gave it a try this morning. Wow! it's beautiful! thanks for making such a fantastic product!
We live in Currumbin Waters (QLD) and wondered if we will be able to purchase the product at our local Woolworths store (Elanora - The Pines Shopping Centre)? or are you only distributing in NSW?


July 30th 2007

Hello Christina,
 My family loves the Hariharchai original drink.This is the only one I have tried. One daughter lives near Mildura Vic. The other near Bendigo,Echuca..Vic. We were wondering do you have your product in any country towns
Many thanks Christina.
              Cheers from
                 Trish McClelland    



August 22nd 2007


Hello Christina,
My Friend gave me a packet of the dandelion chai you make.
What a wonderful drink! And all the spices in it are well balanced.
It reminds me of the belgium biscuits of my childhood, and drinking this chai is like drinking liquid belgium biscuits!
Keep up the good work.
PhilippeGoldenfields Ltd


  January 29th 2007

Dear Hari Har Chai,
we bought some of your soy ready mixed chai while on holiday in Rye Victoria recently and found it very delicious - addictively so but can't find it on sale in health food shops or supermarkets in Melbourne. Could you let me know which retailers carry it in Melbourne - we live in the inner suburbs.
Thanks for another delicious chai,
Carolyn, Mark and Gabriel Paholski




taste the love in every cup......
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