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Chai literally translated from Hindi is the word for tea.  Masarla Chai is translated as spiced tea.  For convenience the western world has adopted the word chai to mean spiced tea. Chai is a sweet spiced milky tea traditionally made with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and black tea.  Masarla Chai has been the drink of Indian and Middle Eastern culture for thousands of years. This centuries - old beverage has become increasingly popular throughout the word...not just because it's delicious! It has also been a drink associated with indigenous tribes of the east.  Many Middle Eastern, eastern European and east African peoples call their tea and spiced tea ‘chai’.  The spices ranging from the traditional Indian variety of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg to the addition of salt and yak butter in Tibet, almond powder and saffron in Kashmir and apple syrup in Turkey to name a few. The history of tea is a story in itself ….. Originating deep within the traditions of Hindu Ayurvedic culture, Ayurvedic alchemists, shamans and the like use chai for it's healing properties. These healing properties reputedly come from the mix of Ayurvedic spices. Chai is a delicious way of introducing these healing spices into the western modern day diet.   Traditional, authentic chai is made by brewing tea leaves, spices, milk and natural sweeteners which make a salubrious cup of chai tea.   Authentic Chai is NOT A POWDER OR A SYRUP! Hari Har Chai is authentic, traditional Chai.  “Kali Chai” is black spiced tea (chai) often served with lemon and/or pepper“Dandelion Chai” is roasted dandelion root with the chai spices added.
Legend has it that Prince Bhodi Dharma, a Buddhist prophet, in 543BC, vowed not to sleep for seven years.  His work took him to China where after five years he was overcome with fatigue.  He was so tired that at a whim he chewed some leaves from an unknown bush. These leaves bestowed upon him a calm resilience that allowed him to fulfill his vow.  The mystery bush was Tea.  Well that’s one version any way! Masarla Chai has been drunk in India from time unmemorable.  It has also been a drink associated with indigenous tribes of the east.
The CHAI Market
Chai Consumption has experienced phenomenal growth in western societies over the past 3 years. in the he USA alone, chai sales have increased to 15% of the total coffee market.   Almost unheard of four years ago, chai is now the fastest growing hot beverage in cafes, households and the hospitality industry.   Chai is not a coffee substitute, but creates a year round option for consumers which want a creamy Chai Latte, a pot of Chai tea, Iced Chai or a Chai smoothie. 
  • Real Chai is NOT A POWDER OR A SYRUP.
  • Hari Har Chai is traditional authentic chai from blend to brew.
  • Hari Har Chai is the best chai on the market...the taste...the smell...the traditions ...It is the best.
  • Hari Har Chai uses the highest quality ingredients. We select Australian tea grown in the Daintree, that is low in caffeine, low in tannins and chemical free. our Organic range uses the highest quality certified organic black tea, It's free of chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants. We do everything the way that mother nature intended.
  • Hari Har Chai is 100% Australian owned and made
  • We offer an extensive range of that is sure to suit all your chai needs. We offer a range of loose leaf chai, as well as our Ready To Drink Chai, Chai concentrate and Chai Sprinkle.
  • Hari Har Chai is 100% Love in Every Cup...
The chai essence – our philosophy
At Hari Har Chai we handcraft our original blend of spices sourced from deep within India’s healing culture. Embrace these healing properties in every cup of Hari Har Chai. (Environmentally we preserve our precious resources by using local Australian grown tea from the Daintree regions of Queensland that is low in caffeine, low in tannin and grown chemical and pesticide free). 

taste the love in every cup......


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