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HariHar Chai was founded in 1997 as a home based business in Torquay Victoria Over the next few years the product developed and grew being distributed to health food outlets in Victoria then Australia Solely owned and operated.

Using the finest grade Australian grown tea that is low in caffeine, no tannin, and grown chemical free. This is a unique factor of HHC is that is uses Australian products and is Australian produced  HHC is hand blended with salubrious Indian spices in the traditions of ayurveda.  This authentic chai has six delicious blends.

The head office is located near Byron Bay, Northern NSW.  With a suboffice in Torquay, Victoria
Distributed throughout Australia and the UK.

Achievements – Birthed in 1997 at local markets and health food stores in torquay and geelong Victoria.
Picked up by qualitity distributors, Spiral Foods in 98 and other great Australian distributors
Exporting to the UK and Europe in 2005

Now the biggest selling chai in Australia


there’s love in every cup......


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