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Chai and Ayurveda Print E-mail
Chai is a sweet-spiced milky tea traditionally flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. These spices have been used by alchemists and traditional ayurvedic shamans for time immemorial to care for all kinds of common and not so common aliments. As modern society is turning back the clock to this ancient knowledge for answers the use of spices is becoming more prevalent in our lives. Chai is a great tasty way to induce some of these health-giving spices into our diets. As well as feeling some of the special healing powers of the spices. Cardamom in this fast paced world gives compassion and clarity, stimulating the mind and our digestive system as food is rushed with the lifestyle. The friendly comforts of a cup of tea are enhanced with cinnamon, the friend-maker, and strength-giver. The added ginger in chai restores our wisdom and courage to go on through the day. 

Why Licorice root? 
The licorice root as well as acting as a natural sweetener, is superb for calming the mind and nurturing the spirit. It is an effective expectorant helping liquefy mucus and dispel it from the body. It improves vision, voice, hair and complexion and gives strength. 

Indian chai is notorious for the sweetness, At Hari Har Chai we health consciously realise this and do not add any artificial sweeteners preferring to use licorice root and allow you to add your own desired amount of sweetener. We suggest a dash of organic honey, yumm.

smell the love in every cup......


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