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Spices have been used by alchemists and traditional ayurvedic shamans for time immemorial to care for all kinds of common and not so common aliments.  As modern society is turning back the clock to this ancient knowledge for answers the use of spices is becoming more prevalent in our lives. Chai is a great tasty way to induce some of these health-giving spices into our diets.

As well as feeling some of the special healing powers of the spices.


Cardamom in this fast paced world gives compassion and clarity, stimulating the mind and our digestive system as food is rushed with the lifestyle.
Stimulates the mind and heart to give clarity and joy
Added with milk it neutralizes mucus forming properties and detoxifies caffeine.
Particularly good for opening the flow of prana (life force) in the  body.


The friendly comforts of a cup of chai are enhanced with cinnamon, the friend-maker, and strength-giver.
It strengthens and harmonizes the flow of circulation, helping as a cold and flu expectorant.
It strengthens the heart, warms the kidneys to promote agni (internal biological fire).
Try using it as a straw for your chai.


Perhaps the best and most pure(sattvic) of the spices.
In Sanskrit it is called vishwabhesaj – the universal medicine.It is a great tonic to the heart.
Dry ginger is a great stimulant and expectorant whilst fresh ginger is a good diaphoretic (causes perspiration ) for colds and flus and for vomiting.
Ginger is great in chai restoring our wisdom and courage to go on through the day.


The old wives tale that works. Cloves is great for tooth aches.
Ayurvedically cloves is an expectorant and internally warms the body to produce a sweat and expel any flu or sluggish feeling and rejuvenate you.
A natural stimulant it has an energizing effect on the body. 
Cloves helps to disinfect the lymphatics and is an effective stimulant for the lungs and stomach. 


One of the best spices for calming the mind and nerves.
To promote a sound sleep and good for adsorptions in the body.


A cup of Hari Har Chai gives the added natural sweetness of licorice root to calm the mind and nurture the spirit.
Licorice root is effective in liquefying mucus and facilitating its discharge from the body.
It nourishes the brain promoting harmony and contentment.
Combining with cardamom and ginger it acts as a teeth tonic.
This herb is sattvic by nature and gives strength to hair complexion, voice and vision


Try adding these other spices or herbs to expand your chai
Aniseed                   Allspice
      Bay leaves          Fennel seeds (digestive chai)
Peppercorns            Saffron       
Mace             Orange rind (dried)
    Vanilla Bean                Star Anise           
        Juniper berries                    Brami (memory tonic)                                       Salt                Almond powder                                Fresh ginger (crushed)              citrus peel 




taste the love in every cup......


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