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We love the smile that it brings whenever you say Hari Har Chai
Some twist their tongue around it the end result bubbles up love, a laugh and a smile

HAri HAr – The meaning
In Sanskrit(the hindu scripture language), the word Hari means "sunlight" and the word Hara (HAr) means "moonlight," Together, they refer to the deeper universal light that underlies them both in the active form of creation . This is one interpretation of the meaning of HAri HAR that has become synominous with HARI HAR chai
HARI HAR is a deity in its own right
 Spelt Hari-hara, in Hinduism, a syncretic deity, combining the two major gods, Vishnu (Hari) and Siva (Hara).
At HAri HAr chai our philosophy we could talk to you for days about, but hear is the shortened version  ……
 theres love in every cup … Alright not  that short
We are a holitstic business starting form the desire to share the joy with everyone from all walks of life of how it feels to drink a cup of delicious chai.  As a company that works with this as its roots we travel with the light to do this in the most environmental and conscious way possible. In the process changing the face of business to be based on heart and consciousness rather than greed and excessiveness and sharing abundantly.
Logo explaination - designed in the hills of byron bay over a cup of freshly brewed chai I channeled the gates of this simple mandala
The three pronged fork of shiva or trident as it is know is a symbol to me of strength in all facets shiva-destroyer, brahma –creator and Vishnu –
The ram symbol in context with hari har means to relax and take peace.  To stop the chatter of the mind and connect to god (cosmic conscious mind) this is said as a part of daily life to remember to take a break and breathe
Lotus Petal – Lotus petals are a symbol of abundance: within and without.  Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation of all abundance   The lotus flowers are the symbol of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity
The two triangles laid ontop of one another represent the unification of the masculine energy ,siva, the north facing triangle, and the feminine energy, shakti, the south facing triangle
The centre point is the infinite and the endlessness of the all encompassing
Althou a very simple mandala this is a symbol in it self of the attainment and appreciation of the simple things in life often being the hardest to achieve

there’s love in every cup......


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