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Yes there is more than one way to make a chai. Read on to find out a few of our favourites.  


Traditional tea ceremony method:
In a saucepan add 2/3 cup of water, a teaspoon per person of Hari Har Chai grate in a bit of fresh ginger for added zing and bring to boil.   Turn down the heat onced boiled and add 1/3 milk or soy (a good creamy organic soy milk such as Pure harvest nature’s soy or bonsoy give a lovely thick texture) and simmer until rewarmed.   Remove from heat, strain, sweeten with honey (optional) and serve with your favourite Indian sweet or a chai cookie or cake.

If you want the taste more milky had ½ cup water and ½ cup milk.

As chai is tea it has a tea base so it is necessary to boil with some water to ensure the flavours of the tea and spices come out, this does not happen using all milk.

In your coffee plunger or infuser pot place one teaspoon per person in pot with half cup hot water and half cup hot milk (cow or soy).  Place on lid and leave infuse for three to 5 minutes , plunge, sweeten and pour.

Either grab one of HAri HAr Chai’s great organic teabags and pour boiling water over it add your choice of milk (or not) and sweetener , then sit down and enjoy the pleasure.
Place a teaspoon of Hari Har Chai in a one person infusor (environmentally friendly teabag)  add boiling water to cup and milk of your choice (or not ). Sweeten and enjoy.

Hari Har Chai organic ready to drink chai – your instant chai in a flash.  Keep it chilled in the fridge for those hot summer afternoons.  Heat a cup in the microwave or steam it on your coffee machine steamer.  Or slowly (like a soup) heat it while stirring on the stove.

taste the love in every cup......


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